Timeline Photos Shoutouts to Rhi at CrossFit Redding for participating in the Lurong Living Resolution Challenge and hitting a huge PR today, lifting 240lbs. Keep it up!
Timeline Photos This Chunky Salsa and Eggs dish is perfect for a healthy breakfast or lunch! Recipe here: http://bit.ly/2jd91nF
Lurong Living with Lark Duran Mercer.
Timeline Photos Throwback to team Fleo babes @akchristian, @jaclyn_demiro, @francesca__e competing in the Elite division at The Wodapalooza Fitness-Festival last weekend!
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70% of all chronic disease is preventable. Yet, we as humans are unwilling to change how we eat. This is insanity to me. #LurongLiving
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Timeline Photos Congratulations to our Christmas Chipper winners! A huge thank you to our sponsors Wodstar, RXBAR, and No Rep Bro for hooking up our winners with some awesome prizes! See list of winners here: http://bit.ly/2k1Qmzi
Timeline Photos With the 2017 Resolution Challenge underway, Lurong Living wishes everyone an amazing experience. Stay focused, have fun, ask questions, and you’ll finish a better athlete. Still haven’t registered? Good news, there’s still time: http://bit.ly/2ilTJ3K
Day #1 - Fuel your body, take care of it and it will take care of you. #LETSGO #lurongchallenge… https://t.co/vHhndRFbXU
Tomorrow starts our #luronglivingchallenge and I'm so excited to be working on a better version of myself!… https://t.co/Mgym9bAuAN
Timeline Photos The ultimate trio. Who's got them all? (photo by Russell Trottier)
Timeline Photos Lurong Living would like to thank all of our generous sponsors for helping us put on such a great challenge!
Timeline Photos Our NJ ambassadors are all in Miami getting ready to compete this weekend at The Wodapalooza Fitness-Festival. Good luck @daddydifran, @esimpkins11, @jaclyn_demiro, @avazquez03!
Timeline Photos Where does your fish oil come from? Our premium fish oil is made with 100% wild-caught Alaskan Pollock and is also enhanced with vitamin D3. Wild Omega+ is finally available for purchase today! >> http://bit.ly/2hQUiO2
Timeline Photos Kickstart the New Year with a plan. The biggest Challenge event is right around the corner. The 2017 Resolution Challenge starts Monday, January 16th. Grab your box, friends, and family to share the experience with you. We want everyone to ...
Timeline Photos Time to focus and make something great. >> lurongliving.com
Timeline Photos Just the essentials. >>Lurongliving.com

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