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Randy Cross

San Francisco 49ers
Lineman - 3 time Super
Bowl Champ

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  • Danny Putnam - Pro Baseball Player "I never knew my body could recover so quickly."
  • Gwen Lawrence - Celebrity Yoga Coach "I recommend LuRong with a full heart"
  • Dan Morell - Police Officer "It helps me perform my best both on and off duty."
  • Dani Panarello - State Trooper "My stamina level has never been better in my life"
  • Eric Mays - Marketing Manager "It was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made"
  • Sharon Kearin - Dance Educator "I am overwhelmed by the difference I feel."
  • Mike Burgener - Olympic Weigthlifting Coach "I believe LuRong is a necessity, at any age."
  • Ilaria Montagnani - Acclaimed Fitness Expert "LuRong Living has worked for me!"
  • Dave Plumey - Owner of Shoreline CrossFit "I am a believer in LuRong Living Essential"

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